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Attila Nagy

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About Me

I'm Attila, a tech-lover with over 20 years of professional experience in designing hardware and software video codecs. My academic background is in the field of electrical engineering. At the beginning of the new century I moved to Finland – to Oulu, to be specific – and apart from couple of years spent in U.S. I've lived here for 20 years. And still counting! 

FinnHLS Oy

The story of FinnHLS started in 2019. As a founder, my goal is to offer individual solutions to ease companies in their digital transformation by using High-Level Synthesis (HLS).  

Former Experience:

Hantro Products Oy, 2000–2007

Hantro Products was the early pioneer in the field, a leading provider of hardware and software based MPEG4, H.263, H.264 and VC-1 video solutions specifically tailored for handheld devices. I was doing video codec algorithm work and software drivers for the HANTRO hardware IP. Back then there were many platforms to support, Symbian, Windows CE, PlamOS, Linux and plenty of other proprietary OSs running on mobile phones supporting video.

On2 Technologies, 2007–2010

Hantro was acquired in 2007 by the American company On2 Technologies. The company was best known for creating a series of TrueMotion video codecs. 

Google, 2010–2019

On2 Technologies was acquired by Google in 2010. While working for Google back in 2012, the Oulu office (old Hantro team) adopted this new way of designing highly flexible hardware IP using C++ based HLS (High-Level Synthesis). We have modeled and designed VP9 and AV1 hardware codecs using this process.

Creative Utilization of HLS

Achieve Results Without Compromising Quality and Functionality

HLS gives the flexibility to quickly generate RTL targeting different technologies without lengthy code rewrites. Using C++ as the main design language also gives great power and speed in testing the algorithms and designs.

Compared to traditional hand-written RTL development and debugging, HLS is like a highway. Utilization of HLS saves both time and money and creates vast possibilities. It offers a complete platform for power, performance and area (PPA) optimization.

For example, HLS is generally used in processes of 5G or IoT Communication, Deep Learning, Video CODEC, Image Processing, Automotive Vision etc.

Benefits of HLS

  • Fast and measurable 
    • 10 times more productive than hand-coded RTL with equivalent quality of results. 
  • Shortens the design cycle 
    • Simplifies the traditional design flow and reduces the number of lines of code up to 80 %, making the code easier to write and debug.  
    • Possibility to cut overall design time in half. 
  • Flexible 
    • Adapts easily to last minute changes due to the ability to reuse and modify functionality.
  • Proven and adopted worldwide
    • Hardware can be found in numerous items we use every day, like cars, cell phones and computers. 

When time is of the essence, conditions and specifications are varied and PPA info needed early, HLS provides an effective way to achieve the results without compromising quality and functionality.  

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