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HLS Is a Game-Changer in the Vast World of RTL Projects 

FinnHLS provides solutions for companies by using C++ based High-Level Synthesis.

  • HLS gives the flexibility to quickly generate RTL targeting different technologies without lengthy code rewrites.
  • Using C++ as the main design language gives great power and speed in testing the algorithms and designs.
  • HLS provides an effective way to achieve the results without compromising quality and functionality when time is of the essence, conditions and specifications are varied, and/or PPA info needed in early phases.  

How Can My Company Benefit from HLS?

HLS supports a high level of abstraction and specification language, and that leads to the primary benefits of the process, for example:

  • allows exploring different architechtures, designing core functionality and evaluating algorithmic charges easily
  • fast simulation and reusable test suite
  • code and functional coverage are more meaningful and easier to achieve

In a nutshell: a well-executed HLS process saves time and allows more flexible use of data.


20 Years in the Field

FinnHLS Oy is founded on a solid ground. With more than 20 years of experience with designing hardware and software video codecs and 10 years of utilization of HLS, we're able to create individual solutions for you company's needs.  


We’re happy to answer any questions regarding HLS and the boost it offers to various RTL processes. Just call or drop us a line.

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